Top reasons for cart abandonment and how to overcome them

A huge amount of customers visit your store but don’t purchase any products. This typical problem does not only happen on the physical store but also on your online shop. There exist multiple reasons for not purchasing products when visiting an e-commerce website. Throughout this post, you can figure out those reasons and solutions to fix them in order to have more potential customers and increase your revenue.

Do you know why shoppers don’t complete their order??

High unexpected shipping costs

When people add products to cart, they make a guess about the shipping fee and nothing more. If the shipping cost is somehow higher than the average, and you add additional fee which doesn't appear until after the checkout process begun, your customer will go away for sure. Do you agree that you are not willing to purchase a pen (cost: $1 USD), but have to pay $4 USD for shipping?

The frustrating and long checkout process

People can leave the checkout process anytime if there have multiple steps in checkout which make them feel really frustrating. Please make it as simple as possible because no customers want to waste their precious time. You should only ask for necessary information. Please, don’t require your client to fill in their identification card if they just want to purchase a bulb.

Lacking wide selections of payment options

Many businesses don't realize the importance of providing different payment methods to their clients. For example, you familiar with PayPal doesn’t mean your customer would prefer to pay via PayPal. From where I stand, I would recommend the cash on delivery (COD) payment option. By using this method, your client is able to check their products before making payment. There would have some cases that your customers refuse to complete this order, but believe me, your revenue will be increased incredibly.

Lack of cost in details

A lot of e-commerce stores don't put enough product information (especially product price and other additional prices) on their website. As a matter of fact, buyers will go elsewhere until they found those details, and that means you lost your potential clients just in a second. So, you need to be crystal-clear about the overall costs from cart to the checkout process.

Require registration before purchasing

I understand that some platforms require shoppers to create an account when purchasing by default. It helps your business in collecting customer's database and advertisement purpose. But it is really annoying to buyers if they have to provide a lot of information in a lengthy registration form. In this case, you should ask your website developer to provide "Guest checkout" option or signing up with social networks (Facebook, Gmail, and so on).


Lack of concerning about website errors, mobile friendly, and secure transaction

A lot of visible website errors includes: impossible to click on basket icon and checkout, broken style, or extremely slow loading time could prevent shoppers from purchasing. You must also take into consideration about optimizing mobile interface because a nearly half of all orders are being completed from mobile devices. Focusing on the customer experience is paramount. Last but not least, please make sure about payment security – that’s major concern when making an online transaction. Please keep your website SSL certificates up-to-date.

Lack of return policy

Along with secure customer's information and secure transaction, you should make your customer feel confident about their purchase by giving them a satisfied return policy. You can put the return policy in the final checkout step to boost buyer’s trust.

Do not use tools to remind shoppers about their abandoned carts

Customers can be distracted from the middle of purchasing progress because of multiple reality reasons. They might have a phone call, electricity suddenly cut off, or making a comparison between other competitor sites. In these cases, you should remind them by sending reminder emails, browser notifications, remind popup, sending voucher code, or offering free shipping. For each ecommerce platform you will have a Abandoned cart tool.


If you need a module with 5 different methods to send reminder, I recomment Prestashop abandoned cart module. Currently, there have 2 module versions which are compatible with Prestashop version 1.6 and 1.7. 


On Magento, there are a lot of extensions which support the feature. You could use the extension:


Shopify is biggest ecommere platform at the moment. If you budget is high, you should use office Shopify abandoned cart tool. If not you could use free tool:

Good luck with your business!