Shopify is a website platform. It is allow you to create your own online store. Shopify provide a lot of templates (include free shopify template and premium template). Shopify is a hosted solution so you don't need worry about website hosting. You don't need setup hosting server or anything else. Setup a Shopify is very easy. You work is only like when you enter a contact form.

Now-a-days Shopify is one of biggest e-commerce platform. It is selection of a lot kind of services. Especially with small business. If you are selling online via social (facebook, Instagram...) and Amazon. You should select Shopify to create a personal ecommerce website. If you don't know how to do, today I will teach you how to select a best shopify ecommerce development company.

1. How to know some one is experienced on Shopify?

If you connect to a company. You should ask them to provide their portfolio. If a company completed more than 10 websites by Shopify. then you may work with them. You need check all of website that they developed to verify that they are developed and they don't lie you.

You can check in footer of their website: 

shopify ecommerce development company - verify porfolio

In my screenshot, you can see the "Powered by" at footer. It will help you to validate their company. But not at all. Because some company can't add they Powered by link in footer. Because they may be outsource or the shop owner not allow to add the link. In this case, you should as them to prove that it is developed by them.

You should use Shopify development services at a company if they are shopify expert. When you check a company, you should check if they are certified as Shopify Expert or not. 

2. Which is best process to build a Shopify store with Shopify development services company

From my experience on working with some shopify development services company. I have some ideas to give you advices

  1. You should write down your requirements. Let them know the features that you are looking for your websites. Find some website that match your requirements. It may your website competitor. It is a good way to give them a scope of your requirement.
  2. Discuss with the company your requirements. Ask for their advices. You may use a template to save time and money. There are a lot modern templates nowadays for your business. You can find in Shopify template in or Shopify theme store
  3. Ask the company about estimate cost and time. If you hire shopify developer by hourly rate. The rate will be $10 - $20 USD per hour.
  4. You can work with them directly via PayPal or you may use other service like or Using freelancer or upwork will be safe but it take you 10-20% fee. If you work via PayPal, you can pay them 50% at start and 50% when they finished.

    In next post, I will write about some best Shopify development companies.